Saturday, February 9, 2013

Fantasy Basketball Mid-Season

It’s mid-season. At this point you have a good idea how your team is doing. Maybe it’s been ravaged by injuries (Rondo, Love, Gasol, Howard), maybe you’re sitting high at #1, or maybe your team is plain awful. You finally get to know how your draft turned out and the strengths and weaknesses of your team.

Now’s the time to shore up your team’s weaknesses and trade away some excessive strengths. This is the time to get creative. Go ahead and trade away Durant for Larry Sanders and Chris Paul. Maybe you need blocks, steals, and rebounds while being okay in points and 3-pointers. Sure this isn’t a great trade, but depending on your team it could help out for the second half. Of course, Chris Paul could never return from his bruised knee and the trade could be a complete bust. Just ask all those people who bought low on Pau Gasol prior to his injury. As Matthew Berry says, its your team.

Let me highlight a couple guys I think are worth considering on your team.

Tiago Splitter (.655 FG%, 8.1 Reb, 0.7 Blk, 13.8 Pts) last 30 days
You think it might be too late to save your field goal percentage, but it’s not. Depending on how far behind you are (My FG% is currently .4635 and the guy above me is at .4639) then you can still make a run at it. Maybe you won’t launch up to number 1, but picking up a point wherever you can in roto can save your season. In the last 30 days he is taking 8.5 shots per game and making 5.5 of them. That’s 65.5%! It’s not a ton of shots but it’s enough to make a difference. I believe his minutes will go up on this older Spurs team focusing on the playoffs.

Jose Calderon (.537 FG%, 2.1 3pm, 6.3 Ast, 13.8 Pts) last 30 days
Reports are he’ll be the #1 point guard in Detroit. I think his value will go up from here. Now is the time to trade for him if you need assists and 3’s. His field goal percentage is also really good for a point guard. They should go up from here.

Nikola Vucevic (.542 FG%, .731 FT%, 12.7 Reb, 1.3 Blk, 14.1 Pts) last 30 days
I’m still not seeing a lot of coverage on this guy. I picked him up for help in rebounds and blocks and I have been pleasantly surprised by his overall production. His points, field goal percentage, and even free throw percentage are very good for a big man.

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