Friday, August 30, 2013

The Case for Matt Carpenter

If you've been paying attention to 2nd base at all this year you have noticed Matt Carpenter tearing up the ranks. He was ranked low coming into the season (#281 by ESPN and #194 by CBS). Some of this was due to the fact that he did not have 2nd base eligibility coming into the season. Some of it had to do with an unproven track record. But now that he is hitting at the top of the Cardinal's lineup he has lead the Majors with 100 runs!

I drafted him late this year and have been very happy with his production. Going into next year, though, where will he be ranked? Robinson Cano still leads 2B in homers with a high average. Dustin Pedroia still hits for average with good production all across the board including steals. Jason Kipnis surprised everyone this year with his production. Ian Kinsler is still good but forecasts call for more time on the DL next year. Second base is full of mediocrity beyond those guys. To be able to take a consistent player who can lead the league in runs is very valuable especially at this position.

This year Carpenter will help many people win their fantasy leagues since he was taken so late in drafts and has produced well beyond his asking price. Next year I expect he will go at the value he's worth. Who knows, maybe you'll get him below value. I still feel like he isn't being talked up as much as he should be.

As of right now I would take Carpenter as the fourth 2B after Cano, Pedroia, and Kinsler. I have enjoyed the run Kipnis has had this year, but his inconsistency prior to this year still concerns me.